Hi All,

I am working in .NET 2.0 frame work web application. In my application i used javascript and with that i used the window.createPopup() function. It is working fine with IE. But it is not working with Firefox, Netscape Navigator and Opera. Please provide me the alternative solution so that i can use that to get the same functionality. I have tried with window.open() also but it is not providing the same functionality.

There is no direct replacement of window.createPopup() function as far as I know. Its an IE function only. But I don't see what kind of functionality you require which can't be satisfied by the window.open() function?

Actually by using window.createPopup() i am dragging and dropping the Controls on the form from one region to another region just as like inWebparts. But it is not possible to use webparts directly. So when we call window.Open() is opening in another browser with titlebar and others. But the window opened must just like as window Opened through createpop() method.

There is no cross compliant direct equivalent of window.openPopup() method. Its IE only.

If you want to emulate the behavior of 'window.openPopup()', use 'window.open()' along with any 3rd party Javascript Drag and Drop (D&D) API.

Make sure you have javascript turned on of other browsers.

Or just simly use the html version:

<a href="#" "target=_">#</a>

That nay not be prsice but something like that.

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My popup blocker is ON.

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