i have a problem about sending variables through to other pages. I have done this before using forms to post the variables. I have tried to use the SESSION_START () function but that does not like the code i have used for the image resize on the page.

i have added a random number to an image so that if a new image is uploaded it cannont show the old images as the file will never have the same path.

what i need to know is what is the best way to get the variable on to the next page. I was looking at the $_GET function to add the variable to the url but the upload takes place in an iframe so this cannot be done.

what ither ways are left as i have exhausted my knowledge of passing this variable on. I have had a look at cookies but not sure if they can be used.


will you post the code
so that i can help you better.

sorry i took so long gettin back i have been away from the comp. what code would you like me to upload.

Kevin, have you tried using the session array? Assigning variables to $_SESSION before the page changes, and retrieving them when the new page loads?


i have been looking at using $_SESSION but i keep finding conflicting information about it. I cannot use session_start() as it does not like some of the code on my pages. When researching the $_SESSION array it says in places that session_start must be used and in others says it can be used on its own and the variables will be available across the other pages.

do you know were i can find a good tutorial on this.