well guys please help me,first of all
its a course projects,well in the home page i need to create a login form for both normal users and administrator.Because after logging administrator will come on a page where they can update a database,whereas normal users wont have this function on ther after logging pages.

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How far have you got? Can you post some code you have done? I am more than willing to help you but please show some effort on your side. It is not in the spirit of this forum to do people's homework assignments. We are here to help where we can, but not do entire homework assignments. So, come on, show us some effort :)


It is just simple logic

  1. User submit usernane and password
  2. Page setup connection with DB and check if user exists with given details
    1. If user exist, get his site permissions/user level
    2. If doesn't exist refuse login, show error

Once you reach point 2.1 your page logic will check what sort of permission user has and base on that it will show/hidden certain page options. Points 2 and 2.1 can be merged if you know how to use subqueries

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