Hello, I've been experiencing a big problem. When I log in to my yahoo mail and click on the 'empty' beside the 'bulk' button, it appears nth. I can clearly remember that it will show a text box showing a confirmation whether you are to empty the bulk folder, but it disappeared. I did reinstall the java SDK and JRE again and again but nth changed. sigh.....

please help me with the problem. thanks a lot~~~!

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I'm not sure what JavaScript/DHTML programming help we could give that would address the issue. "Java" and "JavaScript" are different things. You might try asking Yahoo! for help. You use the term "nth", which I understand to mean the last term in an indefinite series. I don't see how that makes sense in your message. Could you clarify, please?


You are right. Reinstalling Java will do nothing here.

If you have an issue with a Yahoo! service, you should post your enquiry with them... If you are having difficulties or success emulating Yahoo! functionality, then this is where you would post your question or technique.

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