I have javascript and ALL of it works in IE but in FF NONE of it works at all.

Anything I should be aware of in general?

Most are based on onClick events.

Thanks, Regards X.

did you close ur <script> tag with </script>
check this out. And post code if still no works.

na there in a .js file and yes there <script></script>

Best would be post your code, so people can have look and try to find the error

> I have javascript and ALL of it works in IE but in FF NONE of it works at all.

You are in luck; just take a sneak peak at the Error Console of Firefox (Tools -> Error Console) for any Javascript related errors. Also if you are into extensive Javascript programming, grabbing hold of Firebug (a firefox extension specifically tailored for Javascript debugging) would do you a lot of good.

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Hmm heard of firefox extensions havent been game enough to install them yet :D

Thanks SOS, I will try that and see what happens thankyou :)


First Error:
In Error Console states that "form_cars is not defined" in my javascript file.
"form_cars" is the name of my form.
I go check the html form it refers to and the 2 names "form_cars" both are correct.

Any Ideas? Thanks

Are you checking your code on the same machine all the time? My initial thought is you might have javascript disabled for firefox.

Can you disable javascript for firefox? lol

Sorry im a noob when it comes to firefox, im trying to join the developer craz side of it :)

Yes on the same machine, localhost at the moment.

But even when I upload it to the server dosent work.

Welcome to the crazeee world of browser incompatability :)

There is an ECMAScript standard (Ha ha ha ha laughs uncontrollably) which has been interpreted by browser creaters in a lot of different ways all who claim compliance (Bunches up in another fit of giggles)

javascript running in a browser is not java, its just called that because.... well I have no idea, beacause it's actually ECMAScript. (Notice a pattern as to how f***** up something is and how ubiquitous it is? PHP anyone?)

Anyhoo s-o-s has given the best advise as usual. In addition I recommend the w3schools.com as they give tutorials that work in most browsers. sitepoint are another good javascript resource and I can recommend their javascript anthology book.

For your immediate problem try:


Instead of using the form name, generally there is only one form in a web-page so you can be sure it will be at index 0 in the DOM (Document Object Model)

Can you disable javascript for firefox? lol

Tools -> Options -> Content

There should be a checkbox

Ya I just realised that I didnt know, but ya like I said my question still not answered :(

You need to post the relevant piece of code for us to help you out; debugging script which we can't see is kind of difficult. :-)

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