Hello- I am creating a puzzle that is like the "Rubik's Cube,"
although this puzzle is played on the computer monitor, and the puzzle involves images placed on the sides of a cube. The mouse is used to rotate the sides of the cube. Each side of the cube is divided into three

The code for the basic puzzle has been written by another person. The link to the puzzle created by this person (including links to the program files or source files) may be found at:


My goal is to create a puzzle (using Jaap's code or script) whereby I
will be able to place one of my photographs on each side of the puzzle cube (6 different photos per cube). The goal is to rotate the sides so that the photos are put together correctly.

I have been in contact via email with the puzzle's author, Jaap
Scherphuis, and he emailed me that I can use his puzzle's code or
script (whichever it is), and place my photos in the puzzle. In return,
Jaap would like to get the code or script that is created. When I spoke
with Jaap by email several months ago he told me he was too busy to
help me at that time.

So, I am looking for a person to help me create a situation whereby I
will be able to include my photographs on the sides of the puzzle with the images divided on each side and rotatable.

I am interested in learning how to write the code (or script) myself so I am able to include different photos.

Please let me know if you might offer any assistance.

Thank you,
Jeff Klamer

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seeing that this program is written in Java, you should probibly start there. As for JavaScript, i dont know if you really want to go down that path. It might be easier to use flash or extend the java that is already there.

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