i have an idea to
create new pages in asp.net but how to implement it
recently i have done file upload task in this . For file upload thw web control is available.

i just want is that possible to do
if my screen consist of 1 text area and button "create"
after clicking on create button
a page will create having that text contain in that textarea

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depending on what you're trying to achieve, creating new pages might not be the best idea (it could make maintenance more difficult). You can do it just by using the file system classes to create a new file and write it to disk although I would suggest also looking at something using a database / XML file to store your content with a dynamic page to display it. If you post some more details of your project perhaps I can be of more help.


im too late to join again..

Stereolad thnx for reply
yahh i realise its difficult to maintain..
i hv used file system in that case.

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