Okay, so our website is pretty much all session based and all of a sudden it is acting very laggy.
People complain of not being able to stay logged in very long at all (like it is resetting the session at random intervals).

Also, I have simple code that does ...


if request("Act") = "A" then 
session("TestSession") = "SelectionA" 
elseif request("Act") = "B" then 
session("TestSession") = "SelectionB" 
elseif request("Act") = "C" then 
session("TestSession") = "SelectionC" 
end if

Then I have it response.write(session("TestSession")) .

When I go to the page, with Act=A, it sets the session to A (most of the time, other times it stays null). Then when I go to Act=B the session does this...

First Load: Session is A
Refresh 1: Session is A
Refresh 2: Session is B
Refresh 3: Session is A
Refresh 4: Session is B

See, its lagging before it sets the session, then it keeps hopping from what is needs to be to what it used to be, sometimes to null, and so fourth.

I have no idea what is going on here. Default application pool, no major code changes.

I made a page that writes the session ID, and I see that it changes after sometimes 2 refreshes, 3, 4, etc.

Now, the thing about it is... it doesnt exactly "change" to a new number all the time... its like it keeps the same one for a bit, then it changes to a new one, next time u refresh it goes back to the prevous id, thne refresh again and a new id, then refresh again and the first id, then the second id, then the first id, then a new id, etc, etc... wtf

Please advise.


I beleive that the problem was application pools.

Somehow the AppPools got messed up and the website was using like 3 different app pools. I deleted all AppPools and stopped all of them, re-created one and assigned it to my website.

So far it seems like it keeping the same SessionID.

I'll get back to you on this.