There is a problem with session ID haunting me for a couple of days. In Mozilla Firefox, the session ID changes every time the page is refreshed. But in IE it does not change and is working correctly. Is this because of some browser settings? Since I am checking the session ID in subsequent pages, this change in session ID is causing a lot of troubles.Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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Dear, U tried several times, but the session ID did not change. Please let me know which Firefox version you are using.

In case you have adjusted a short session timeout, then the session expires and you get a new ID. This is normal. You can try to get the session timeout by saying:

Response.Write Session.Timeout

Another issue maybe the usage of the session object. Please make sure you use


in order to get the session ID.

Good luck,

Thank you Baradaran...The problem was not with session time out.

The issue is finally sorted out.
On the load of a page I was checking for the value of a hidden field and was abandoning the session if the hidden field value was not 1.
But even though the hidden field value was 1, the session was abandoned evry time the page was refreshed.
Finally when I checked the whole code, it was found that the footer
of my page was referring to an image tag whose source was null as below :

<img src=""....

When this tag was removed the session ID was not changing when the page was refreshed.
I removed the source attribute and it worked fine.

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