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My web pages are written in JSP and want to put online. Could you recommend some free web hosting? I searched, but can not find the one I want.

Thank you.

I do not know any free hosting, but if you interested for reasonable price hosting I can recommend one

  • 6 months EUR 4.5 EUR 27.0
  • 12 months EUR 4.0 EUR 48.0

If you interested just PM me and I will send you contacts on provider, I have web service from him so as I said I can recommend it

> I searched, but can not find the one I want.

A simple google query turns up a lot of interesting results. You can't be choosy when it comes to something which is given for *free*, so your argument of 'not finding the one you want' is kind of moot.

then read the previous reply (which has been there for 4 years already, so the "but that wasn't there when I posted mine" excuse won't fly.
do understand that, since Oracle is planning to remove jdbc from Java in the upcomming version, you may want to choose to look for an alternative to JDBC.
also: you could have started a new thread explaining exactly what it is YOU want, instead of reviving a thread that hasn't been replied to in 4 years, where you hardly give any information at all.
"one" .... what is "one"? does it just have to support jsp and jdbc, or do you have more detailed requirements?

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