Hi all
Just wondering if anyone knows a good place to download free web writing software.


Croft: Web design only needs a text editor, such as Notepad (or Vim or jEdit or ...), because HTML is a textual language. There are many of them, and you can figure out how to use a search engine.

Also useful may be an image editor -- The GIMP is one option there.

Learn HTML and learn CSS. You could also buy some big expensive program, but if you don't learn HTML and CSS, it will just be a pigpen in which you wallow in incompetence. And once you learn HTML and CSS, they aren't particularly useful.

I would do that but im just about to start my course work for my GCSE's. Thus i have no time to create the tags from scratch.

no time to write html?
If I were your instructor I'd automatically fail any work turned in that's obviously (and believe me, it's almost always obvious) created using a generator or wysiwyg editor.
LEARN the language, don't hide your ignorance behind a button.

I do know the basics of html. I should go and learn the rest.
OKay i agree that using a web publishing software is not as good as using html.

Thanks for your help guys.

Thanks Asif. That's about the only post in this topic so far that's worth looking at.

If someone needs a 'quick 'n' easy' to put a website together and hasn't the time to learn how to construct one in a text editor, I'm damned if I see the point in telling them to do so.

I'll move this to 'Windows Software', where it might attract other useful suggestions rather than elitist posturings :P

I wonder Y webstudio doesnt interest you.It certainly has a lot of features.
Surely you'll have to pay after 30 days of Trial.

Consider that you need to buy a Vodahost account to use Bluevoda's publish and ftp functions. Threre is no commands save or open pure html files. When you preview your page in browser Bluevoda produces html pages to folder c:\documents and settings\windows username\local settings\temp\preview

get sublimetext or notepad++ great editor for webdesigning for more advance got Adobe Dreamweaver.For Php Based Website go for Joomla.