Hi, i am creating a website for a friend and she wants a blog added to it, which is no problem for me. but she also wants to be able to view/review peoples posts BEFORE she allows them to be posted. And thats where i have the problem. i haven't started writing the code yet, I just want to get how the system will work first before i do.

How do i go about this?

Will it be the button the user presses to post a comment isn't really a post button but more of an "email" button, that sends the code to my friends email where she will then post it on her website by herself? The problem i have with this method is...how do i ensure that she doesn't get the username( and other info) wrong when she posts the comment?

All this is using PHP, of course.

Hope you guys can help me out again.


I haven't done anything of this kind before. How bout storing the users comments in a table ? The blogger can decide what to publish and what to delete just by the click of a button ? After all, you need a table to store the comments. You can have one more column "publish" with a smallint field in the comments table. If its 1, then publish the comment. If it's 0, then you still haven't decided whether to publish it or not !