I have a web page that's seperated into basically two columns: The left column has two subsections, one being the menu (part of index.html) and another one underneath being a frame labeled 'sub'. Sub's scrolling is always off, as set by index.html. On the right column I have a frame titled 'main'. This is where most of the content goes. Sometimes I want it to scroll, but other times I can't have scroll bars displayed.
Sub and Main are .php, while index.html is currently html (it will soon also be php).
So basically in either PHP, Javascript, or HTML, I need to be able to change whether scrollbars are shown.
If you have any questions, just ask.
Thank you,

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it seems my friend, george, had forced scrollbars to be shown. i deleted that and it works fine now. the site is still being built but it's http://www.smuserver.net/smu for anyone that wants to take a look.

I like your design. One suggestion, you should really change the page title from "Untitled Document". ::grins::

I'm not a fan of serif fonts ... maybe you could change to a sans-serif font such as Arial, Verdana, Helvetica?

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