I am creating a movie database. Right now I have each movie set up as its own table. Inside each table there are fields for title, summary, rating and so on.

On one of my web pages, feeding off this database, I want to show the movie title, summary and rating for every movie in the database. Will this be possible since each movie is it's own table? Can I select all database tables in a query? Should I set up my database differently? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

i would set up the database differently. the way you have it organized but hard to deal with once you are trying to get the information.

make a table for movies with an id column so you can reference a movie itself.

make a reviews table with 2 id colums. one to identify the review itself incase you need to delete it and one to show which movie it belongs to.


CREATE TABLE `movies` (
`m_name` VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
ect... you get the picture

CREATE TABLE `reviews` (
`r_m_id` INT NOT NULL, --- This is where the movie id goes
then add more fields

then to get the reviews for a movie:

$sql = "SELECT * FROM `reviews` WHERE `r_m_id` = " . $mid;
//where mid is the movie id.

hopefully you understand.

Yes that's right. I absolutely agree with kkeith29

Hy, As i read your description my suggestion is that you have to change your database design because your design is looking very tedious for making new table for all the new movies so it is very time consuming when you display this all record in front page.

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I totally agree with Kkeith29. Having different tables for each movie is not a good idea. If you plan to implement something, for example, a "database search" for a movie name, would you go through each and every table ?
Anyway, If you want all the tables in the database, then "show tables" would be the query to list all the tables in that database.