This issue I am running into occurred once we changed our site over to a dedicated server. We have had continual problems with our contact page, first with the captcha and now we have an error message saying: SQL error: Table '' doesn't exist.

Under Manage Sites I can connect to the remote info and testing server no problem. But when I try to set up a connection to the database from within Dreamweaver to change which database the contact form is using, a _mmServerScript error comes up every time.

Error: The files from the _mmServerScripts folder are for the server model PHP-MySQL. You try to connect to the database using a different server model. Please remove this folder outside the Dreamweaver environment on both local and testing machines and try again.

In order to get the contact page working I need to redirect the form to the new Database, but since I keep getting this error, I can't work past it. Has anyone ever encountered this or have any advice?? Thanks.

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The error is most likely from an invalid query that is using `` as the table in the SELECT clause, ie., SELECT * FROM which would throw an error because the FROM statement only takes a table name.

But the problem I am running into is the _mmServerScripts error is prohibiting me from being able to edit the connection to the database. Has anyone ever encountered this or have any advice? I found something on Adobe's site to delete the server scripts on both the local and remote sides, but it did nothing. I need to fix this issue but I can't seem to get past this. Thanks in advance.

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