I need to improve our online calendar but the ones I have seen so far, will not handle the number of events I need to list, without horizontal scrolling. Several of our members have mobility limitations and horizontal scrolling is inappropriate. The calendar should have a chronological list for each day by time. Somewhere, I need to include a list of non-recurring special events. I do not have a database to work with. The script must be self-contained, in php.

Look at the script I am now using and you will readily see why it is not acceptable.

If you can recommend a model, thanks.


I think what you have looks ok. You could massage the format a bit? Personally I would prefer the time show on the left side of the event:

10:00AM Ceramics

Looking at the page I don't "readily" see why it is not acceptable, but then again I am not familiar with accessibility issues... :confused:

Are you recieving complaints or something?

Thank for the response.
I am looking for ways to improve the existing site. The schedule is just too long.

I must stay away from javascript and rely on html. The format must present without CSS although I may use CSS as long as the page is not dependent upon it.

The site:
presents nicely. I'll look into this, further.


where is all the code for these layouts ?