Hi all,

I hope someone, or manyones, has something that could help me further my project.

I presently operate a website which has over 50 artists, and each one offers 1 to 4 songs in an embedded mp3 player for free streaming. It's all legit, all permissions are obtained prior to it as I myself select the artists.

I've been seeking for a way to dynamically populate my pages without having to do manually recreate and rearrange each page each time one page gets full. I looked into Joomla, Jamroom, Website Baker and many scripted mp3 players to try and find a way to do this, even SproutBuilder, but nothing so far has given me the ability to do it. I'm hoping someone here could help me figure this out.

What I'm trying to do is have an admin section that would dynamically feed the pages, using script, or template, php, etc. I'm really unsure where to go from here.

Each page of the artist catalog would be looking the same, the page structure, I mean, and the functions I need in the admin section would be minimal.

The admin section has a few fields to enter artists' info, album cover, and upload mp3s. Upon selecting "submit", the info would be posted on the first page until the determined number of entries would be reached, and then when this would happen, each new entry would move the last one further down the last page.

Do this make sense? Help! :)



Have u done somthing for that or u want it be done right here.

Oh, well no I haven't. I was wondering if I got help if I could figure out the steps and find ways to do it "myself"...

My site is in PHP, using include files. So from there I need help to figure out the various elements to create, and then figure out the functions, scripting needed, java, ajax, whatever is needed.

I just know what I need, not how to get it, eh?





As far as I undersand, you need a admin page with which you can enter the artist info. And u want another page which will display all the mp3 uploaded for that artist.

If that is not the case, please if u can explain it lil more.
If yes then reponse to this post.


Hi Luckychap,

Yes, I need an admin to enter minimal artists info and upload mp3s, then it's being displayed on a page alongside many other artists, each artist having a "box" (templated?) of a specific look and feel all to his/her own.



are you currently using a template of some sort, or could you post an image of the folder tree so we have an idea of what you're working with? Are you currently using html, php, asp....?

I don't know enough about this to even start, although it sounds like you're working with server-side scripting, which belongs in a different forum.

hi, the simplest way would be to post a link?

i'm using includes on php header/content/footer pages. i think a few diferent format would be required to achieve what i want: one for templating. one for the admin, one for dynamic posting of content, etc.

let me know if i' in the wrong place, but after talking with a coder the other day, it seemed it would need PHP and a db