Hey guys, I'm developing a portal to view a gallery (duh) of microsoft powerpoint presentation (ppt) files. If you're anaware, there's an option in powerpoint to output a presentation to a single MHTML file.

I'm trying to use an iFrame to show this single file, thus showing the slides.

document.write('<iframe src="mhtml:\\blahblahblahEXAMPLELOCATIONURL/example/fullscreen.htm" frameborder=0 scrolling=no width="240" height="180"></iframe>');

The MHTML page works on its own, and the iFrame works when NOT within the javascript (I ploppped it into the body randomly just to check). The iFrame DOES work within the document.write javascript when I use a simple http page like http://www.google.com.

So my question is (to simplify)... how can I re-work the javascript to get this MHTML document showing in the iFrame?


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