Hi All,

I need yours help again. I'm looking for "search" option javascript for seach website content. means in own website if u will put keyword to find weather that keyword is there or not if that is there then it should show in how many pages that key word is there with page url, if u will click the url it will redirect the page and will highlighted that content background wiht some different color. and search option should work in all browsers. like firefox,opera and ie.

Now am useing search javascript for my website, it's working only in ie which is not working in other browsers. check this url www.resourcepoint.net. please help me out soon.

to check how search option is working then you put one keyword like "RPL" and click on search button it will pop-up on with with site url if u will click any url u will get the result.



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Hi all,

Is there nobody who could help me out?


There seems to be some problem with the way you are using Ajax or in general Javascript. Though I don't have the time to sift limitless lines of Javascript code, the exception which I get on Firefox is "Error: uncaught exception: Permission denied to call method XMLHttpRequest.open". Oh and BTW, the site doesn't even work on IE for me.

And if you are using jQuery, why don't you use its Ajax functionality instead of doing it all from scratch?

Thanks for your reply. i was trying to use ajax but am not getting the right script for that, am at deadline of project submission could u help me out soon to complete my project. i badly need this script.


Since you are already using jQuery, adding Ajax functionality to your existing application won't be that difficult. The only requirement is that you would have to spend a little time (2 hours?) in reading the large number of tutorials out there.


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