i have found this code and would like to know how i can get the column titles to show up at the top of the page.

$result = mysql_query( "SELECT * FROM merc_users" ) 
or die("SELECT Error: ".mysql_error()); 
$num_rows = mysql_num_rows($result); 
print "There are $num_rows records.<P>"; 
print "<table width=1000 height=400 border=1>\n"; 
while ($get_info = mysql_fetch_row($result)){ 
print "<tr>\n"; 
foreach ($get_info as $field) 
print "\t<td><font face=arial size=2/>$field</font></td>\n"; 
print "</tr>\n"; 
print "</table>\n";

this code simply just prints out all the data without the titles to the columns

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I think you are looking for the mysql_field_name() function. Have a look here or here.
Keep in mind that in doing this, you are revealing your table layout word-for-word.


i know i am working on a website someone else has built and i need to know all everything about the tables he has created. he made the tables then deleted the code so it is not available to me to update the site

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