Hello everyone, I've run into a brick wall with this problem. I've been given a huge webapp that was designed for IE6, and I need to make it work(and look good) in Firefox 3.0 and IE7. So far, it's just been a bunch of CSS, JSF, and HTML changes, with some extra javascript to cover the behaviors they used for IE. However, the page I'm working on now is a tough one.
It's a giant grid, with up to 400 or so rows(which can be set to however many rows you want per page) and when you rightclick, a custom context menu comes up with 15 or so options in IE. They used behaviors to do all the attaching. I can rewrite the behaviors using javascript, but i'm still getting the Firefox default context menu. The code for this part of the app is very convoluted, so I'd rather not post any, but is there something specific about context menus I'm missing? Or if someone knows a good site to look at, I'd appreciate it.
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Thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for.

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