i'm in very much need of it ,plz can one help me regarding my issue

i have a page where i have insert the data . NOw if that data is already there in the database then it should display the record in textboxes.
I had successfully done with displaying the record . But now the issue ,if the record is not present in the database then it is giving me the error.
and i want i the record is not present and display the page for insertion ,else display the page with the record

PLz help me its veryyyyyyyyyy urgent.Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz:$

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The best way to achieve it is to look for the number of records that match your condition to find the record (this usually should be based on a primary key or a unique value)

For example, if you are looking for a certain unique email address in the datavase table "mytable"; I would first fo a "select count (*) from my table where email='theemailiamlookingfor@domain.com'" If there is no corresponding record with the email address, then it will return 0 else 1. You can check for this condition and present the user with the correct page.

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