Hi all,

I'm emailing from the land of Oz ..... it appears that the developers of this site also have connections with the land of Oz.

I'm writing because I have created a fool proof Excel timesheet calculator which I'd like my customers to subscribe to (through PayPal) before having permission to register with my site in order to access the spreadsheets.

I have a PHP registration and login script (feeding into a mysql database) which I reasonably happy with however, I do want to make further enhancements to it so it can do several things:

1. Not allow customers to register on the login page;
2. Have up to five security levels to automatically direct customers to their chosen subscribed spreadsheet);
3. Auto emailer to myself and customers (including forgot password); and
4. Script that can be easily integrated into my exciting page format and graphics.

As mentioned, I do have one that I'm reasonably happy with, but it is very basic. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Hi Steve and welcome to Daniweb,

Good to see another fellow Australian in the mix. I can offer some advice for numbers 2 and 3...

For 2, take a look at the GACL package, which is a very powerful tool that deals with security and permission levels for your site.

For 3, something like PHP Mailer is a good package that allows you to send emails in the way that you want.

Hope this helps,

Hi Darkagn,

Thanks for the quick response. I will take a closer look at that script tonight.

Kind regards,


You can also grab some great solutions from phpclasses.org. Just search through the thousands of scripts. They almost always have a sample page or two for illustration and testing.

Hi Kness,

I will have a look. I have offered to give a donation but even that doesn't appear to be a enough incentive.