Hey..i'm new to this forum so plz bare with me lol..um, i have an assignment that i'm presently doing on the .NET framework. The assignment asks for a report on the description of .net framework and some of its components-- common language runtime, .net framework class library, server-side managed code and .net framework SDK.
now i have visted their website (MSDN) to get info and was able to writeup on the CLR and a bit on the framework..my problem was the class library and the other 2. i dont understand what they mean by server-side maanged code and all i understand of the SDK is that it encompasses the .net framework :rolleyes: :?:
i am lost when it comes to this .net framework and dont understand everything on the msdn website..
help me! *desperate cry for help* lol :lol:

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I would like to know what your program is considering you have no idea what the .NET Framework is.

:-O oh wowwwww more than 4 yrs later I get a reply to this post?..Didnt even remember this:confused:

Why do u wanna know what programme?
AT the time when I posted this ques, I had jus started a degree programme and we were told to research this.
I am now a degree holder more than 2 yrs now LOL
How funny reading this now:D

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