I have problem with calling jsp using <a href> in scriptlets. Not able to call the jsp.
I used the following code. but not able to enter in to ozCmnDeleteEntity.jsp. please give me solution.

"<a  href=\"ozCmnDeleteEntity.jsp?objType=PROJECT&objId="+prj.getProjectId()+"\">");

thanks in advance...

Hey buddy,

The text is missing there. The code should be something like

"<a  href=\"ozCmnDeleteEntity.jsp?objType=PROJECT&objId="+prj.getProjectId()+"\">");
  out.println("Delete </a>");

If you get page not found error then you can check the url displayed in the browser and edit it accordingly. This might be due to the relative path is a little in accurate. To find what is the current url formed, you should view the source of the HTML output.

The output of the above text I think, was not viewable. Ain't I right? Once you write the "Delete", you will be able to view this word and once you click on it the link will work.

Reference: http://www.tutorialindia.com/html/html_link.php (Relative path) Posting quick reply so not sure abt it.

Thanks for reply. The delete link is opened but i am not able to click on "Delete" link.
or once i click on submit button "ozCmnDeleteEntity.jsp" page will open. but it's not happening.

Actual my requirement is: I have popup window, in that popup window check box is there. once i select the checkbox and then click on submit button it should go to this page "ozCmnDeleteEntity.jsp". the check box indicates the delete the record. when i select the checkbox and click on submit button the "Delete" is just showing and immediately it goes to the parent window. I am not able to do operation on "Delete" link.

The following code . i wrote:

if ( _req.getParam("cbDel").equals("Y") )
        out.println("<a href=\"ozCmnDeleteEntity.jsp?objType=PROJECT&objId="+prj.getProjectId()+"\">");

thanks in advance...