hi all,

a 'space' in asp.net is '&nbsp', how about 'tab' in asp.net?

by the way, can i add image to a listbox user control? if so, please provide the codes or any ref links..

a million thanks!

Technically, it would be: (sorry, not even vBulletin will display it).


However, it has no relevance inside HTML, as HTML treats all whitespace characters the same, with the exception of the non-breaking space.

If you wish to align elements, use CSS or tables.

To indent text, you can use blockquoteUse the <blockquote> html tag like this. The only thing is that it indents from both sides.

A better way would be to simply indent the paragraph or whatever:

<p style="margin-left: 16px;">This paragraph has been indented by 16 pixels.</p>
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