Hey All, I am trying to write a php script and would like to have an autosuggest text box with data from a mysql database. This would be for designating a town in a form.
The sql query I would use would be.

$sql = "SELECT DISTINCT `Town` FROM '".$Table_Name."' ";

Then there would be a second autosuggest text box that would only select cemeteries in the town from the first box.

I have found a few tutorials on the web but can't seem to get them to work with a sql query.

Does anyone have any suggestions???

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Your syntax is not quite right in the SQL statement. You don't need so many quote marks. This will work for you I believe:

$sql = "SELECT DISTINCT Town FROM $Table_Name";

Then you actually need to run the query. What I normally do is use the PDO library to connect to a MySQL database, but there are other ways of doing it too. Here is a link to the PDO documentation. If you have trouble connecting to your database or running the query, repost and will try to help.


I guess I should stress that I havn't got a script working yet. Could you reccomend a script to use?
I am not familiar with the PHP PDO library so I am hesitant to use it. I can get the sql query to work ok for echoing to a html based page, but I cant get it to work with a autosuggest text box. The script that I have been trying to use is HERE

Right now I use the following definitions to connect to the database.

$server //this is the host server not localhost on my server

$dbusername //the user name

$dbpassword //the password

$db_name // the name of the database

I thought this might help if someone can get a script working. I would appreciate it if you or anyone could help.


just to let you know. I did try the sql statement that you posted and it still didn't work.
I could get the script woking with a static list from the example, but when I changed things to use the sql it won't work.


Dear friend,

i have one Auto suggest. my problem with this is that i cannot navigate through

the listed items using the up down arrow keys. i tried many code to solve this

if u have idea of how this is get solved pleaSE give it to me. my mail id is [removed]

than x in advance

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