how to set settings of a page depending on the browser.i have a page which when viewed in IE ,has water mark extenders working fine but when viewed in mozilla the water mark extenders viewed r not working properly.The images positions are aslo changing based on the browser.
waiting for u r replies

1.r there any sites which show the difference between browsers.
2.Are there any generalised code for all the browsers to display images and validations correctly

iam new to this browser compatability,please excuse me if iam silly to ask these questions

thanks for the quick replies.I have few more queries.
when a page is run in mozilla/IE,there may be some differences in display or validations may not work,how to know what part of the code caused the error,r there are any tools to find out the error.Do we need take any measures in the page,so that it is run perfectly in any browser.

Its strange that no body knows abt this

If you can get something to work in firefox, with few exceptions, chances are it will work in most browsers. Once you get it working in firefox, then adjust it for ie. Once that is done then you check Safari. I generally handle it in that order and once that is done, it usually covers 99% of all major browser differences. The only way to do this is to keep whacking at it, testing different parts of your code until you can isolate the issue, then you do research. If this process leads nowhere, you copy your error and paste it into google. If that doesn't produce any results, then you can post your code here. If that gets nowhere hen you step then you step back, take a breath, look at the entire forest instead of just the trees and come up with a different plan of action.

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