I'm new here, but i've just read a whole load of threads with people asking where to get forum/board software from.

For something a little different, I highly recommend Beehive Forums (http://www.beehiveforum.net/), which are modelled on the old delphiforums systems.

Plus, i helped in the development of it, so you should all use it anyway. ;)

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Thanks for the suggestion. Not too fond of frames though. Also, the test forum runs extreeeeeeeemely slowly.

Well if you are looking for free solutions phpbb, simple machines, mybb and XMB should be given priority before any other forum software.

Not at all a fan of Simple Machines (formerly YaBB). Also, what is mybb? Never heard of that one.

http://www.mybboard.com they are still in beta stages but things look promising looks more like a VB ripoff but it does the job for small sites.

phpbb will be my ideal free board. vbulletin will be my first choice if you look for paid script.

Thanks for the suggestion. Not too fond of frames though. Also, the test forum runs extreeeeeeeemely slowly.

Personally, There are 2 boards I would choose besides vBulletan. That would be IPB1.3x or phpBB2.10x

They have been out longer then most, and they are 100% by far the easiest and a wide range of mods and skins from around the worls. These other boards? They cant stand any chances against the two I just listed for you. I am also an experienced user of those two as well and can say that they are so easy to mod hack its not even funny if you knew how to script and knew php and MySQL. From the way it looks now on your site, I like it and I love it so im assuming your good at what you do. :D

The software I would choose is Jive.
Works very well and is fast and secure (Sun uses it for their forums, as does Novel and several others).

No longer free, but while it was I helped in development so I may be biassed ;)

I like . . . . NO! I love Exco boards. They are kinda basic but they have taught me many things about scripting. I tried to set up some other boards but just couldn't figure out how to get the features or images that I wanted. I like using my own stuff and Exco allows me to do just that plush each member gets a 50 pic image gallery. Support is great at Exco as well. Peter and Markus care about us and answer each email or request for support promptly. Oh and Exco boards are free. There are some things that they are still developing and we get the chance to say what we like or dont like and they actually listen to us.

wow lots of stuff to use i never knew

I'm with csgal about Simple Machines, I don't like it at all. It's too un-simple in my opinion., and I just don't like it.

I like phpBB the most, it's easy to admin, and there are lots of ways to use it. I've looked at the CVS versions of 2.1.x (phpBB 3.0), and it looks awesome. It's just as good as VB in my opinion, and it still has its simplicity, even in the admin CP.

I've also used IPB as a user. I do like the feel of it alot, I just haven't used it much. I'll probably play around with it on my computer this summer.

I've also used VB as a user, obviously, and it has lots of features, but from what I hear, it's a bit complicated and complex to administrate...

MyBB looks good right now, I wouldn't be surprised to see it become more known once it's out of it's RC stages. I'm going to play around with it too. It does look nice too.

I still stick with phpBB due to the fact that it's open-source and will have many more features in 3.0. It looks great. I like it as a user and admin.

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