i have to make a search engine for my client, but i am confusing about indexing websites to search engine database, please can any one tell me how can i achieve this goal? can any one tell me how can i make spider / crawler to do this ? please, I really need help my friends.
Thanks in advance

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can i build spider in PHP? is it possible? is there any information about spider in php? or any ready made php web spider which i can integerated to my search engine? it should spider websites, images, and musics etc.

thanks my friend i am really thankful to you, i am going to view those websites :)

I can say with great conviction that this is the wrong forum. Whatever you wind up doing about your crawler, I sincerely doubt that you will do it in JavaScript. (I also hope and pray that this is the case, for your sake.)

but i will make it in php .. i am not much sure about it at the moment i will do more research.

You could integrate Google's search in that site.

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