Hello everyone, I'm using Thomas Brattli's window script from DHTMLCentral.com. It works great in IE, but in firefox, I get some errors. First is "oWin.oWindow.moveIt is not a function". I don't see why it doesn't work fine in Firefox if it works fine in IE. The function definition is there, just like others that it doesn't have a problem with. If you comment that out, then it moves on and has trouble with a .css method. Since it's trying to use .css and not .style, I think there might be a problem with the browser check. Has anyone out there used this script before and experienced similar problems in firefox or did something change in browser sniffing(which i don't approve of) that can be fixed? Thank you for your time,

I've just received word that their window script adaptation is totally whacked, and I don't have to make it functional, another team will be working on it. Marking this one as solved, thanks for the views.

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