As far as I know, I have successfully completed all config files so the site should load, but for some reason, the site doesn't.

Here is the error message I get instead.

array(3) { [0]=>  array(4) { ["file"]=>  string(74) "/home/imedia/public_html/" ["line"]=>  int(10) ["function"]=>  string(10) "mysqlQuery" ["args"]=>  array(1) { [0]=>  &string(20) "SELECT * FROM config" } } [1]=>  array(4) { ["file"]=>  string(59) "/home/imedia/public_html/" ["line"]=>  int(7) ["function"]=>  string(9) "getConfig" ["args"]=>  array(0) { } } [2]=>  array(4) { ["file"]=>  string(56) "/home/imedia/public_html/" ["line"]=>  int(344) ["args"]=>  array(1) { [0]=>  string(59) "/home/imedia/public_html/" } ["function"]=>  string(7) "include" } }
Table 'imedia_lyrics.config' doesn't exist

The link to the site is here- you need to see the result as is.

This is the first error page:

function mysqlQuery($query){
	$result=mysql_query($query) or die("<xmp>".var_dump(debug_backtrace())."</xmp><br/>".mysql_error());
	return $result;

function getConfig()
	$query = "SELECT * FROM config";
//    while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
//    {
//        $config = $row;
//    }
	$config = mysql_fetch_array($result);
    return $config;

function checkFormat($variable, $errcnt)
if ( strlen(trim($variable)) == 0 ) {
			$errs[$errcnt]="$variable must be provided";
} elseif(preg_match ("/[;<>&]/", $variable)) {
			$errs[$errcnt]="$variable can not have any special character (e.g. & ; < >)";
return $errcnt;

I thought it best to try and tackle this first. Any help would be appreciated.

as it says in the error(the last line)

"Table 'imedia_lyrics.config' doesn't exist"

it simply means the table does not exist.try creating the table and see how it goes.

You could do it on any file since you are accessing the same database either way. However, you need to know what columns and data types to assign to the table. Did you get a .sql file or a readme.txt file with the package that might give you this info?

yes I got an installation txt document with it. But it says nothing about creating a table.

imedia_lyrics is the name of the SQL database

I think I just fixed it, I created it in phpmyadmin and now it is working, I HOPE!