Can any one please create a php script for me.

A script that uses the if....else statement to categorise the marks of a student as First Class,Second Class Upper, Second Class Lower, Pass Or Fail.

can i ask you one small question??
do you know c language...or any other languages..

and this is basic code for if and else statements:

$number_three = 3;

if ( $number_three == 3 ) {
	echo "The if statement evaluated to true";
} else {
	echo "The if statement evaluated to false";

Yes i do bt am a rookie lol can you do me the if...else statemant for the task i sent b4?

Im trying bt i cant seem to do it!

first try then post your code where error goes...

No shnti ji i cnt do it its just sressin me sooooo much out! GRRRRRRRR