Hi Guys and Gals,

Im having a bit of trouble integrating dynamic variables pulled from a databse using an ASP script with a flash movie.


I need to send variables stored in a ms sql db to a flash movie to display several values.

The dyanmic element comes in because i am using an ID to select the values from the db e.g id1 = joe bloggs id2 = paul smith etc

When i am hardcoding the id in the asp script the variables are sent to the flash movie no probs and they display correctly. I am also printing the asp code on the page and that all displaying fine.

HOWEVER, the issue arises when i make the asp code dynamic and by that i mean I am using request.querystring to pull the id from the URL - The print out of the asp code is still displaying the correct variables, BUT they are not being passed to the flash movie at all - the placeholder is blank there isn't event an error!!.

Couple of things to note –

- if you change the id bit of the url in the dynamic script to the printed asp code changes
- THE FLASH MOVIE IS IDENTIAL in both scenarios
- all variable names have remained the same
- it is NOT a location of file issue as we have tested the dynamic code files In another folder and no joy
- we are not using any other file includes or asp code in any of the page – all other code has been stripped out

THE ISSUE WE HAVE IS THAT THE PRINTED VARIABLES ARE NOT BEING PASSED TO THE FLASH MOBIE in scenario 2 where the asp code is looking for the participant id dynamically (i.e from the URL)

Really could do with some help here!!!