is there anybody having free php source code..plz sned me..
its urgent plz....

thanks in advance..

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Hi Shanthi..
can u explain me how can i use that one....
there is no source code..
it just opens total website..

plz clarify this one asap..

Thanks in advance..


Hi Praveen..

Thanks for giving reply..
Its nice..
i will try to do this..
if any quiries i will ask u..
keep in touch..

Onceagain Thanks...


Hari om
Can anyone please help me in PHP coding

For sure as soon as you start asking specific questions and not expect everyone to do your coding for you...


Simple example of chat. Should start you off...

<form method="post">


if (isset($_POST['chat']) && trim($_POST['chat'])) {
  file_put_contents('chat.txt', $_POST['chat'] . "\n", FILE_APPEND);

echo @implode('<br />', @file('chat.txt')) . '<br />';


<input name="chat" />
<button type="submit">Send</button>
<button type="submit">Refresh</button>


Note: this does not have users, rooms, does not update automatically, and has no security measures. If you ask for each of this individually I'm sure many would love to help you code it.


I see a sincere lack of effort here on the part of the 'gimme' posters. I thought the first thing that kids were taught these days was how to use Google. Perhaps I'm just old fashioned. In my day I was told to go the the library. Now that Google does all the heavy lifting, kids still want somebody else to do the work for them. Kids, eh? What'll you do?

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