Is there any possibility to do online chatting with php.
In clear, if we post our message ,the other person for whom we post will get that message with out inserting that message into the database...
Can any one please help me out...


Its not working on my computer...
Tel me whats the wrong???

Would be helpful if you provide your some pc specs so we do know what you use and this can also help Kkeith29 fix the issue if any there.
Beside I would be interested too, as in many posts you saying this or that does not work for you where others obviously have no problem at all. Are you trying to access these things from home/work/school/ public library/internet pub?

In my office...

A real helpful answer :@
It really let me know what browser you using.
Well consider this, your network admin may disabled some stuff so "busy" employees can not access it (for example email at yahoo, google, shopping at amazon, ebay etc). If your work require extensive search of internet ask your admin or your boss to lower security level for your account.

Hello naveen...

I have downloaded the microchat from hot
But i got this error below when ever i post a message:

Warning: fopen(msg.html) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in E:\web\microChat\message.php on line 4

Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in E:\web\microChat\message.php on line 11

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in E:\web\microChat\message.php on line 12


thanks nav the microChat is working fine after deleting msg.html..
Thanks for gud providing..

what browser are you using? I haven't messed with the chat script in awhile but I would love to make it work better.

hello shanti

I also downloaded the micro chat in its working fine in my localhost , but its not working while hosting to any site.means the message we are sending is disappearing after a second..

you can see the following link to see the problem

Fellow check properly over net you will get some idea.
Don chit chat while doing chatting script it will not work.
Do dedicated job man.

Swami saranam

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