Hi everyone,

recently i have been recieving errors from my website like this

WARNING: fsockopen() [<a href='function.fsockopen'>function.fsockopen</a>]: unable to connect to udp:// (Failed to parse address &quot;;) occurred in http://maniplantdoctor.com/readme.txt on line
441 on Thu Aug 7 13:40:49 CEST 2008

could anyone shed some light on what it means, and how to get rid of please

thanks in advance

Take a look at the server error logs and see if that sheds any light on the subject.

I don't know much about UDP protocols, but are you supposed to be trying to access that IP on port :0 (udp://

Since your script is not making a connection with the target IP:Port make sure your server at that IP is listening for the request, or where it is listening based on the type of request

Those are my two guesses, more information might help inform better feedback.


no, my site should not be trying to connect to the I.P. , ive also noticed hidden iframes on all my pages on the webserver, - could they be the cause??

I will take the site down untill its investigated further