The rewrite I'm using maps /products/string to products.php?product=string and the products.php is basically:


<?php if(!isset($_REQUEST['products'])) {?>
<a href="products/consumer-hardware>Consumer Hardware</a>
<?php }?>

<?php if (isset($_REQUEST['products']) && $_REQUEST['products'] == 'consumer-hardware') {?>
<consumer-hardware details>
<?php }?>


Now the rewrite works, because I'm not getting a 404, but of course since the anchor URL is not a query (products/consumer-hardware rather than products.php?product=consumer-hardware), $_REQUEST has no value! So I see my header & banner but none of the consumer-hardware details. How do I keep my mod-rewrite but assign the url /products/consumer-hardware to the particular section in the page?

Many thanks


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request has no value coz u cannot request like this

<?php if (isset($_REQUEST) && $_REQUEST == 'consumer-hardware') {?>
<consumer-hardware details>
<?php }?>

try this

if (isset($_REQUEST)
header('Location: /products/consumer-hardware');
<consumer-hardware details>
<?php }?>

If this URL is correct

Then this:
should be

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