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New to the forum. I have run into a problem over the past 48 hours for which I can't seem to be able to resolve. I am running an Apache 2.0 Server, with PHP, and MySQL. All servers were working fine until 48 hours ago when all hell broke loose while evaluating a php software. Before the problem, PHP software could access MySQL databases; now whenever I attempt to run these software that once work, I get this error from one software. In other instances when I attempt to use other php software, I get an Internal Error 500. Of Note, php and mysql work independently, but a not talking to each other like before.

This PHP environment doesn't have MySQL support built in. MySQL support is required if you want to use a MySQL database to run this forum. Consult the PHP documentation for further assistance.
I have reinstalled a fresh php.ini with similar values to the previous php.ini, but it does not resolve the problem. Also, when I try to run phpmyadmin, I get an error indicating:
cannot load mysqli extension,
please check PHP Configuration

I have also edited the path in the environmental variables to no avail.

Can anyone shed light on how I can go about resolving this problem? I have read and read to no avial. Any insight will be appreciated. Thanks for your assistance in advance.


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try to create a php file include the following code in it.


and see if mysqli is enabled. if not check
be reminded to set the extension directory correctly
windows ex:
extension_dir = C:\php\ext
Linux ex
extension_dir = /etc/php/ext
In the php.ini remove the semicolon
to be
also the
if you are using it.

there also might be a problem with Apache and that is a different story.
do these steps and come back to us

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Look at the freaking date of the thread before replying. I doubt the OP is still having problems 2 years later.
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