i want to design a database for cricket game where players will be selecting their players and while live cricket is goin on i want all user data base to get updated when the specefic player in his team hits.so i just want to know how to do this updation in data base where there will be large no of users having atleast 14 players. so how it is possible to update all the entry in all the tables

Hi Namratashukla, I don't see a problem in updating a large number of records in database tables. You ask how - the answer is using UPDATE or INSERT statement.

I'm not sure if you're new to SQL (then google for "sql tutorial" or "sql reference") or if you didn't provide enough information. Why do you think that updating the db will be a problem? If you have many db tables then maybe your database design is bad and you should use less db tables (e.g. not one db table for each player).

hi namrata ,
Their should not be any problem in updating database.u should update database by simple update query.

I think u should use ajax so that on hit run by any user will update record of all user.

try and u get many peoples help u.but u should try