Hi guys

I'm working on my site, and I want to include this page

the code inside (renders/index.php) is

if(@ini_set ( 'zlib.output_compression', 'On' )) @ini_set ( 'zlib.output_compression_level', 9 ); else @ob_start ( 'ob_gzhandler' );
require 'gallery.php';

to my page this one

I used to include it this code

<? include("renders/gallery.php") ?>

Note that: gallery.php is the main file for the script, as it is used to include in the index.php

and I ended up with this error

Could not open the cache directory.

What should I do guys? please help me, i'll be much more appreciated ^^

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I did tried all what u said but nothing is happened :(

I hope someone will figure out the problem where's it :\

Get rid of the parentheses and put a semicolon at the end. <? include("renders/gallery.php") ?> should be <? include "renders/gallery.php"; ?>

Your include is defined correctly, however there is a cache directory defined in your gallery.php. Your cache directory is located in /renders/cache and when you include the index file (which includes the gallery file), the script reads your cache file as being at yoursite.com/cache/. So what you need to do is go into gallery.php and change your cache directory to /renders/cache/.

Hope this helps.

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