I have created a web page with javascript, its successfully working in firefox but not in internet explorer version 6 and 7.

I am not good in scripting and I have done this page with the help of my friend.

I have uploaded the zip file. It contain two directories one is for web page (php_files) other for support file (Support_Files).

Please unzip the file and test the page. I have also uploaded my browser output for Firefox and Internet explorer.

My apologize I have not shared my original page, this is the test page.

Please help me and also let me know if you need any more information regarding the same.

Thanks in advance.....

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Okay, I downloaded your website zip file and ... to be honest, i don't want to sift through the 44 files to try and track down what is wrong with your page. So instead I will give you some idea how to do it yourself, and suggest you create a case-scenario, for future submissions, that only include the very minimum necessary to help us help you solve your problem.


First, open the Tools > Error Console in Firefos, set the output to All, and Clear the old errors displayed there. Now refresh your page and see what pops up, now mouse around and see what else pops up.

Second, go to these two pages and validate your CSS and HTML content ... that will give you valuable feedback and help you be a better designer -- not that you are a bad designer mind you ...
http://validator.w3.org/ (html validator)
http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ (css validator)

Finally, upon cursory examination I see both Firefox and IE giving an error that ...
Error: document.searchfrm is undefined
Source File: Support_Files/js_files/homepage_new2.js
Line: 173

... so I would think this is the first place to start looking to solve your problem ... then look at the CSS to see what values are supported in FF but not IE that are the layout for your menus.

I hope this points you in the right direction

Good luck

Hi langsor,

Thank for your quick reply.

Thank you very much for your great update for my question.

I have done step 1 and I got some 27 errors in that console.

After that I have validated my css file to the site which you have given, then I checked again I got one error message same you have mentioned in the reply.

I am working on the js file, I will check update the results.

Once again thanks for you helps , this has increased my confident.


Hi langsor and All,

I have validated my html file and css file. After that I have checked in firefox error console its not showing any errors.

But still the output I am getting in IE is same. But I have found one thing that the menu scrolling are working in IE previously it was not.

Now I have removed all my unwanted files and entries in my html file. Could you please check now what is the problem with my HTML file.

And also I have observerd that in IE 7 my site is working after added Doctype in HTML.

Please have a look in to new updated website from the below link and please guide me why it is not working in IE6.


Please help me.

Thanks in advance...


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Wow, it's looking a lot better ...

By the way, instead of using   to format whitespace, you can use CSS declarations to specify the with of an element.

<style type="text/css">
.headline {
  width: 40px;
  height: 20px;
  background: silver;
  <a href="page.html" class="headline"></a>

Unfortunately I don't have IE 6 installed on my computer any more after the last crash-rebuild I went through in July ...

However studying some of IE6's many layout bugs might give you the answer you seek





or just Google the phrase: ie6 css layout bug

Good luck

Hi langsor,

Thank You very much...............

My IE problem resolved today.....

It was due to CSS file space issue, what you have suggested.

I have removed all the space variable from my html file and added "width" variable in CSS file directly.

After that it get resolved, because of you.

Thanks a lot...... :)

Your links are also very useful for me to understand.

Thank You.


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