Its been a while but I need your help on this one Daniweb...I am creating request forms (i.e. Conference from Reservation Request, Software & Hardware Installation requests, Network Access Request, etc.)

Forms using Code 5 System (

1. I have a form for Conference Room Reservations. There are 6 conference rooms. Each conference room belongs to different department. Each department has a secretary who is in charge of scheduling reservation for conference room belonging to that department. On the form I have a dropdown list of the 6 conference rooms. I can set up predefined auto responses to email one or more secretaries when a user hits the submit button. I need the form to send one email to the secretary who is in charge of scheduling conference the room for their department.

2. Each form has a dropdown list that is set up so you have to select your department first. Based on which department the user selects I need to auto populate a second dropdown list with the names of employeess (stored in a database) belonging to that department. Once the user selects their name from the second dropdown list I want the form to auto populate the following text boxes (this data will need to be retrieved from a database using SQL): First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Email Address.

3. I want to capture data from dropdown list and text boxes entered into a form by a user. Put that information in the body of a email to notifying the correct person to who will handle that particular request.

Ok, so on the dropdownlist.selectedindexchange populate the 2nd dropdownlist. what's the problem?

to send e-mail, check out...

or you could have outlook on the machine hosting the webserver and use a microsoft com object, or install an SMTP server and just drop a text file in the outbound path. lots of different ways of doing it.

if you want to outsource the development, PM me.

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