K i have installed XAMPP, which includes (Apache 2.2, PHP, MySql and Filezilla) for windows XP Media edition.

I have put my webpages in the C:\xampp\htdocs folder. The browser will run any HTML files in this folder using ://localhost/

however when ever i call on a .php file the browser wants to save the file. instead of running the php code and then displaying it in the browser.

Is php not configured correctly or is it the Apache server.

please help

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To all that load XAMPP, The htdocs folder is your root folder that you need to put your webpages in to display in the browser using "localhost". However Apache by default includes a index.html and index.php files in that folder.

This alows you to test the server to make sure it is working correctly. after you install and test the server you need to delete both of the index files that came with the apache software. then you may load your own index.php or index.html page in that folder and it will display your webpage in the browser when you type in localhost.

if you dont delete them the server gets confused on what it is suppose to do with multipule index files.

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