I have IIS running on my MS windows 2000 professional, but it seems I have been unable to configure my web server to be able to run ASP correctly.
Please kindly give me a step by step guide to be able to do this well.


Austin Okonji.

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OK a couple of things....

First off, how do you know it is not running ASP Correctly?

Secondly, IIS is set to run ASP by default, so what exactly are you wanting to know what to setup? There is nothing you need to do specially to run an ASP (asssuming Classic) webpage in IIS with Windows 2000 or newer!

Now if you are meaning ASP.NET, then that is a different story, although not really hard to do either, if you have .NET Framework installed.

Not sure this helps, but need some more details on what you want exactly and what are you problems with running ASP currently.

I have Windows 98. I want to work on ASP. I started learning by typing a small sample asp file and trying to run in Internet Explorer. The output was successfully displayed. The file just contained coding to display a single sentence - "This is my first page".

After 4-5 days, I sat down to write my second asp file. The file did not execute. I had opened Internet a few times, in the 4 days gap, to check my mails. After that I could not run any asp file. I keep getting the error "The Page cannot be displayed"

Can anyone please help? My mail ID is sujatha_raman@suth.com

Where is the ASP server being run? Your computer? A provider? I assume you're running PWS? To avoid problems if you're running PWS, just go with a free ASP host like: http://www.1asphost.com/. If you still want to run it from your home, give us a little more information about where you're hosting your ASP pages.

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