Hi All,
I need to center Suckerfish dropdown menu in my drupal site. How can I do that? I use roople theme Lite Jazz and Drupal 6.
Thanks alot

Maybe I'm not getting it but it seems simple enough to open the code and surround the menu code with <CENTER></CENTER> tags.

Responding to khess and evstevend:
The center tag has been deprecated, and should not be used if you want your code to validate in XHTML.

However, I've tried using a CSS div (sith text-align: center), but without success so far. In trying to find solutions, I get the impression that it is diffucult to center any javascript-based dropdown menu, so I have the same basic question as evstevemd.

Maybe using a JS-DOM approach is the answer, but I'm relatively new to the programming side of the web. I'd appreciate finding out the experiences of daniweb users on this issue. Thanks.