Hi everbody!

i need single sign on software for our php website , For all application, because we used visual basic and php, and another things so we need software to do single sign on , that the user logs once to his page , and logs out when ever he want .

as i said this software must be for all application i mean it shoud not be written by aprogramming language , i;m looking for this product , but till now i found software under the name sso (single sign on) , but it does not do that for me , it provides some security i don't know what to type in google in order to find what i'am looking for.

is there any one have an idea about this software? please give me help!!

thanks alot....

MSN is supposed to allow you to do something like this. If a site supports the "Microsoft Network" universal login, you should be able to log in using your MSN (hotmail) account.

If you can't tie this to one programming language (or environment), perhaps you can tie your various programs into a single database. Your programs would then be able to store the information how they like, and you'd have a single point of log in.

the main problem is that , for example a php may open a visualbasic application , on this application permissions are limited according to the user, but you can't transfer variables that determines the user from php to visualbasic .

so we need to install that software for sso.
i'am looking on the internet and till now i've got nothing important ,
i'll continue my search .
ididn't understand exactly how msn can help me ?
thanks alot ..

MSN was supposed to be an example of such an idea. The idea never really caught on, mainly because the single login exposed too much.

A thought just occured to me... You can transfer cookies. They're just text files, after all.

I tried transering cookies from php to asp because this is the direction i want ,but what happened is that asp page didn't print anything it didn't recognize the variable ..

how can i do that in cookies , have you tried doing this ?