Hi folks i am pursuing my Dual Degree(Bachelor + Masters) from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee(India). I am quite interested in web services and planning to do a project which states as: web service enabled appointment scheduler for universities/colleges.

This scheduler may have many different functions like: given our free time slot, ask persons/professors for an appointment (main function), and many other can be included.

Now, since i am a novice in the field of web services, I don't know how to start the implementation phase. The main problem is to decide which tool to use( websphere-IBM, eclipse, netbeans)

Can someone help me with this and tell me the step wise procedure to start this project.

Thanks and Regards

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You should look first into available web technologies PHP/ASP/JSP find what are advantages and disadvantages for each of them plus clearly state why the "chosen one" is the right for you and after that should think about which IDE/tool you may want to use.
So do you know what you want to use and why?


Thanks Peter for replying,

I know that these technologies can help me in a much better way....
but my motive is to expertise in web services and i want to do a simple project on web services to get hands on experience in this technology,,,,if the idea dosn't seems that great to you to be implemented as web service please suggest me some other to start with,
also my main aim for staring this thread is to get an overview how to start any project using web service technology.

i think i am much clearer this time

  1. Get pre-requirements written down, you can say this will your draft
  2. Do research on already existing projects of same or similar topic. Try to find out what are the mistakes, what was good and in total how it can be improved and why.
  3. In doing your research you want to keep an eye on which technology been used and think about it if it does satisfies the needs of the project and if it was used appropriately
  4. From collected notes draw your requirement, this may little change over the period of time while developing

It is just raw description of you should do.

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