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I've used Zen Cart before since it was an open source. Although the cart is not bad, I think it is a bit outdated and not very flexible when it comes to presentation.

Can someone suggest a Shopping cart that is easy to use and is flexible? I want to be able to use AJAX and have a very interactive interface so I really need to be flexible in terms of presentation.

The ideal shopping cart that I have in mind is one that has the following:
- An API that I can use to programmatically perform operations like purchasing, registration, etc.
- An administration section that is used by store manager to manage customers, products, etc. This doesn't have to be flexible. An off the shelf interface would do just fine.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I've done research on carts, but I am not sure if this particular cart I want is out there...


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I have used osCommerce for any instances I need a cart on a site, it is also open source and has many, many contributions from community members to add most functions you could ever want and then a few more.

However, if you dont like Zen, then you may not like this one. I have not used Zen myself but from what I understand some of the Zen developers were initally working on the osCommerce (correct me if I am wrong) project so there may well be similarities between the two..


The one I know that provides the functionality and the flexibility you want is not open source. Take a look at Interspire Shopping Cart and view their demo, to see if it would serve your needs.

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