I am trying to get my dreamweaver cs3 to get connected to mysql. But I got this error "your php server doesn't have the mysql module loaded or you can't use the mysql(p)connect functions"

I have configure php.ini and the environment setting.

Previously I have install xampp but removed it.

My system is xp pro sp2, php 5.2.6, iis manager, mysql 5.0.51a

I need a solution. Thanks

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For start, create a php file with only phpinfo() function in it. It will display all information about PHP, Apache and php-dependent loaded modules.

Go and look for MySQL section. Normally if php and mysql work together, you would have information about your database, etc.
I remember that from php5 there is no built-in support for mysql5, so it was a bit tricky to make them work together, but it is completely doable.
Unfortunately the power supply of my server at home died yesterday, so I cannot check in my installation how to resolve the matter. Will post here ASAP i have any more useful info on the matter.


Here I have discussed the same issue http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread70199.html

So, what you need to do is basically make sure you libmysql.dll is in windows path directory.
So, you can copy it to one of the following locations: 1. PHP root folder (e.g. c:\php\), 2. Apache bin folder(e.g. c:\apache\bin\) or windows dir (e.g. C:\windows\)

After restarting the apache, it should work.

I have done those too. But error is still there. Anymore suggestion?

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Are you sure PHP have corectly loaded the mysql library.
Create one file e.g. info.php and put in it only this line <?php phpinfo();?> Then upload it to your htdocs or whatever your document root is and open it from your browser. If mysql is corectly loaded, you should see details of mysql db in this page.
If mysql is not mentioned there, then we shall look for another solution.

under phpinfo, there is no mention of my sql except this under environment c:\mysql\bin. Any suggestion?

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